Quality, Environment and Safety

Quality, Safety and
Environmental Policy


> Strict compliance with legal requirements applicable to the quality of service, environment and safety and health of employees;

> It promotes the protection of the environment, as well as the prevention of pollution;

> It ensures the minimization of risks to the safety and health of stakeholders, taking into account the nature and potential environmental impacts of our activities.



> Ensure continuously your needs and expectations of the parties stakeholders, increasing confidence in the provision of service;

> Guarantee of deadlines and quality in the execution of our product;

> Compliance with agreed solutions and requirements;

> Support to ensure operational and strategic goals.


> Inculse rigorous stance and commitment to contributors;

> Value your knowledge, training and promoting skills (continued evaluation);

> Motivates commitment in the organization;

> It provides the appropriate working conditions for contributors;

> Commitment to prevent accidents at work.


> The profitability that ensures the development sustained by the organization.


> Strengthening and encouraging partnerships;

> Compliance with established commitments.


> > Seeks to continuously improve the processes and their effectiveness, in order to optimize the functioning of the Quality, Environment and Safety Management System;

> Recognition by official institutions;

> Participation in Social Responsibility actions.